Student Portfolios

These are links to online portfolios kept by BYU Field Studies students, both during their preparation course and their time in the field.

Sp/Su 2012 Groups:


Eric Call, German furniture-design

Michael Walters, Berlin Divided


Kayla Cardon, English, Renaissance Cosmology and Literature

Averyl Dietering, English, The Renaissance Body as Architecture

Adriana Hedges, Statistics (Masters Program), Experimental Design

Natalie Johansen, Fine Arts, Creative Writing: the Classical British Essay

Ben Schmidt


Cassie Bingham

Natalie Blake

Lauren McFadyen

Jackie Saumweber


Steven Knapp

Josh Malyon

Laura Garcia

Emily Scholes

Nathan Stanford

India – Tibet

Britany Barnes

Kristen Cardon

Beau Hilton

Lori Hilton

Britney Landrum


Roseanna Hopper, Ecuador

Carlee Jones, Uganda

Adriana Lovo, El Salvador, The Water in El Salvador

Krista Malyon, Uganda

Joshua McKinney, Russia, Tribes of Israel

Jennifer Playstead, American Studies, France

rem, India, Indian Literature


Caitlin Jacobson

Kierea Meloy


Yvette Acosta

Tanner Cook

Ben Jones

Jonathan Welling

South Africa

Quincy Cole

Holly Huff

Emily Christensen


Victoria BranhamNeuroscience, Perceptions of the Elderly

Elise Cope, Environmental Science/Mathematics, Traditional Medicine

Victorya HafokaPublic Health, Health Education in Secondary Schools

Winter 2012 Groups:


Melissa SwanEarly Christian and Byzantine Art in Spain, Italy, Greece, and Turkey

Kevin Clites, Middle Eastern Studies, Arabic, Oman

Fall 2011 Groups:


Heather Gemperline, Dance Education, Dance

Katie McDiarmid, Exercise Science, Pain

Rebecka Rönndahl, French/ Development, Education


Sarah Bowers, Humanities, Italy

Kirsten Parkinson, Early Childhood/Special Education, Mexico

Sp/Su 2011 Groups:


Douglas Baughman, Neuroscience, Malaria in rural Ghana

Corrine Christison, Anthropology, Changes in Dance in rural Ghana

Michelle Farnsworth, Geography, Development Efforts in Ghana

Deidre Hegstrom, Public Health, Availability of Maternal Health Services in Ghana

India (Tibetan Community)

Kristen Cardon, English Teaching, Technology in Exile: Tibetan Digital Literacy

Julia Merrill [pre-field][in-field], Family Life, Tibetan Parenting Styles

Matt Merrill, [pre-field] [in-field], Media Arts Studies, Spanish, Good Samaritans in Our Time

Bonnie Ross, Dietetics, International Development, Affects of Change in the Tibetan Diet

Rachel Rueckert, English, Anthropology, Stories of Dharamsala, India

Megan Tyler, International Relations, International Development, Tibetan Refugee Assimilation

Elizabeth Watson, English, Ballroom Dance, Traditional Tibetan Medicine


Abraham Contos, International Relations, Institutional Sources of Political Instability

Averyl Dietering, English, Classical Studies: Latin Option, Jane, Mary, and Elizabeth: The Dynamics of Power, Religion, and Gender in Tudor England

Jess Gamez, Anthropology, Identity in Multi-Ethnic Navajo Youth

Margaret Johnson, Anthropology

Hailey King, Anthropology, Abortion in New Zealand

Steven Marshall, Psychology, Film, Satisfaction and Unity Within Brazilian Families

Robyn Richardson, Public Health Education, Latin American Studies, HIV and Women in India


Natalie Schultheis, Lingusitics and Latin American Studies, Maternal Dreams for Daughters

Barbara Simmons, Exercise Science, Physical Activity to Core Stability: A comparative study

South Africa

Jenna Mattes, Geography, Spatial Distribution of School Quality

Jackie Saunweber, Public Health, International Development, Perceptions of Breastfeeding in an HIV-endemic population

Heather Williams, Sociology, Women’s Studies, Rugby, Values, and Masculinity


Michelle Aliaga, Sociology, Visual Arts, Cross-cultural Conceptions of Female Power

Annie Christensen, Physical Education Teaching/Coaching, History Teaching, Causes of Obesity in Tonga

Daniel Hansen, Physiology & Developmental Biology, Diabetes in Tonga

Allyson Miller, Family Life,  Psychology, Aggression Norms in Tongan Children

Nick Tanner, Landscape Management, Business Management, Perceptions of Landscape Development in Tonga

(Name and blog, major, minor, title of project)

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