Dear Field Studies alumni,

We invite you to contribute a brief article (500-1000 words) for the BYU Cultural Inquiry website.  You are welcome to write about any topic relating to your experiences while on a field study, or the cross-cultural experiences that followed your field study.  If you are interested in submitting a piece but don’t have one in mind, some topics you might consider are:

  • modes of inquiry
  • education abroad
  • culture
  • symbols
  • cultural relativity
  • value orientations
  • building and maintaining relationships (including rapport and reciprocity)
  • kinship
  • gender
  • cross-cultural communication
  • language (verbal and nonverbal)
  • entering a new community
  • race and ethnicity
  • social stratification
  • the cultural significance of historical or current events
  • religion
  • the arts
  • international safety and security
  • development
  • poverty
  • culture shock

We hope this site can serve as an anchor for the Field Studies community to connect past, current, and prospective students. We also hope that this will help show students how a field study can enrich their future education, careers, and lives.

We are excited to have you contribute to the Field Studies Blog. Submissions and questions can be emailed to You may also reach us at (801) 422-1541.


The Field Studies Office

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